Why You Need A Lawyer

What Can an Estate Planning Attorney Do for Me?

Creating an estate plan is not as simple as it sounds. The instructions you list in your will or trust can have a substantial impact on your assets and family. You want to make sure your assets are given to individuals you trust, and that your instructions are explicit. Anthoor Law Group, APC can help you. We have been aiding clients with drafting their wills, trusts, and have even protected their assets in India for 14 years. We assure you we're more than qualified to assist you needs.

Benefits of an estate planning attorney include:

  • Well-designed estate plan that adheres to state estate laws
  • Customized legal guidance and advice
  • Privacy and control of assets
  • Assistance sorting out complex family or financial issues

Due to the significance of your estate plan, it's important you know the laws concerning wills and trusts. Our estate planning lawyers can explain the pros and cons of each form so you can make a well-informed decision. We understand how valuable your assets are, which is why we do everything we can to protect them.

Wills & Living Trusts

Not everyone has the same interests. You may want to either grant your children a part of your estate or keep them out altogether. However you want to divide your assets, Anthoor Law Group, APC is here for you.

We can explain the differences between wills and trusts as well as listen to your needs. From there, we can determine the estate plan that perfectly suits you. With our firm at your side, the planning process can become an empowering one, not one rife with dispute or contention.

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Establishing your estate plan now can save you and your family from stress and unnecessary costs in the long run. By drafting your will or trust in advance, you can have complete control of your estate. Anthoor Law Group, APC wants to make the planning process as smooth as possible. With our estate planning attorneys by your side, we can create a high-quality estate plan that meets all of your needs.

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