Should I Pursue Mediation?

Counsel from a Fremont Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be complicated. With each spouse trying to reach a solution in their divorce, an end settlement may seem impossible. However, by seeking divorce mediation, you and your spouse may be able to discuss matters concerning your divorce in a reasonable and clear manner with the presence of a mediator. A mediator acts as a neutral third party member, providing unbiased counsel and guiding you and your spouse through various factors that need discussion. If you wish to avoid the additional stress and legal expenses of going to court, mediation may be a viable option for you.

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At Anthoor Law Group, APC, our Fremont family law attorneys can stand beside you through mediation services, providing sound and reasonable counsel that is tailored to your specific needs. We work around your schedule and offer flexible office hours, including weekends. We understand the immense stress and financial strain you are facing, which is why we aim to deliver cost-effective services to resolve your marital matters in an amicable manner.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

In a sit-down meeting with you and your spouse, the mediator will create an open line of communication, where each spouse will speak openly about their goals and concerns. All information and documents will also be gathered to analyze current assets and finances. By presenting a clear and level-headed overview of marital elements, the mediator will lead you through a series of factors, including property and asset division, alimony, child support, and child custody, visitation, taxes, and retirement. As you and your spouse explore various settlement options for your divorce, the mediator will also provide unbiased advice and suggestions for various alternatives to help you reach a decision.

The benefits of divorce mediation include some of the following:

  • Private meeting
  • Cost-effective
  • Focused and organized
  • Matters will be settled outside of court
  • Promotes amicability between you and your spouse
  • Avoid additional hostility

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Our experienced Fremont divorce attorneys at the Anthoor Law Group, APC can help you get through this stressful and difficult time. Divorce can be drawn out for long periods of time often resulting in going to court, which can significantly impact your financial and mental well-being. However, by going through the mediation process, you and your spouse could be one step closer to settling your marriage and moving forward with your lives in a peaceful and civil manner.

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