Revocable Living Trusts

Fremont Trust Attorney

One of the best ways to help your loved ones avoid the time-consuming and costly probate process it to take steps to create a trust. A revocable living trust specifically allows you the freedom to adjust your document over time and take out certain provisions if circumstances change. The flexibility this type of trust gives you makes it an invaluable and effective estate planning tool.

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The Benefits of Creating a Revocable Trust

Not only do revocable trusts allow your loved ones to access the assets you passed down to them right after their death, but they also provide many other benefits. You can specifically set up a trustee who will make decisions on your behalf or follow a specific plan that you have given to them. When you take these steps, it also protects you in any situation where you become incapacitated.

Why else should you set up a revocable trust?

  • You can help loved ones avoid probate
  • You can reduce the chance of court disputes
  • You can avoid making documents public (such as with a will)
  • You can name beneficiaries/heirs for your property and assets
  • You can change your trust as time goes on or new items need to be added

Our firm can walk you through the process and help you re-title any assets that need to go into the trust. We can also assist you with monitoring new assets that come along and need to be added into the trust, helping all parties involved avoid the probate process.

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